Saturday, February 25, 2012


Imagine self-sustaining employment that brings hope and removes the stigma from survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia.  
Today’s garment factory workers in Cambodia work ten hours a day, six or seven days a week, earning about $60 a month.  Not enough to support themselves, let alone meet their cultural responsibility to help support aging parents and younger siblings.  
Imagine a factory where the girls work five, eight hour days a week.  And of those eight hours, one and a half are spent in academic studies.  A factory where every worker receives health insurance.  A factory where workers earn between $150 and $200 a month.  
Imagine no more, it’s a coming reality.  Check out the video below and see how it’s happening...

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  1. I love the name! Praying that God will shine His grace on this wonderful ministry that He has shown to you all.