Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dancing for Joy!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a dance recital.  No, I'm expressing what I saw far too weakly—What I witnessed was the amazing results of unconditional love shared with the victims of CSEC.  Two of the girls who have graduated from our program at ARC took part in this dance recital.  They are two of the five ARC graduates now studying in the States.  Their journey from a torturous abuse at the hands of an American pedophile—an abuse categorized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as among the worst they have encountered—to successful students in an American high school is nothing short of miraculous.

As I envisioned the dance I was about to see I anticipated seeing the girls perform a ballet, maybe similar to the Apsasa dance of Cambodia. Instead what I saw was hip-hop.  You know maybe that was more appropriate—A dance where each girl could individually express the joy she now has, the healing and freedom that is now hers.

You have changed my sadness into a joyful dance;
you have taken away my sorrow
and surrounded me with joy.
Psalm 30:11 (GMT)

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