Friday, November 25, 2011

How Rahab's House Works to Prevent, Rescue and Restore Victims of Child Sex Trafficking...And Equips Others to Do the Same

A Holistic Approach to Prevention, Rescue and Restoration from Sex Trafficking
Svay Pak, Cambodia
VISION:  Jesus Christ through His church will defeat the evil of child sex trafficking.
MISSION:  Serving to meet the holistic needs of both individuals and the community, thus building relationships through which Christ can transform hearts.
Cambodia continues to suffer the after affects of the unique genocide it suffered at the   hands of the Khmer Rouge.  Cambodia’s genocide is unique in that there was no winning side, and as a result the after affects are felt across the entire country.  Included among them are the following issues that feed the epidemic of child sex trafficking.

·         Abject Poverty
·         Lack of Education
·         Government Complicity/Corruption
·         Decimation of the Family Structure
·         Personal Moral Failure (Lack of a Strong Moral Compass)

In the recent past significant resources have been spent on the first two items with little, if any, significant progress made in defeating the evil of child sex trafficking.  While still early in the process, the progress seen in Svay Pak through the holistic ministry of Rahab’s House is very encouraging.  In addition, it can be argued that wherever child sex trafficking flourishes the same issues Cambodia faces, though may be not to the same extent, are present, just manifesting themselves in different ways.  This being the case the principles bringing success in Svay Pak can likely be applied in a wide variety of contexts with the anticipation of similarly positive results.

The specifics of the components will be determined by needs of the community served;   however, generally speaking they will fall into three broad categories.  Most importantly these components must be delivered by an entity within the community itself, an entity that is part of the community.

Direct aid to meet immediate physical, material, and economic needs.  The needs to be met include protection and advocacy.  Relief should be temporary.

Providing an individual, family, or entire community what they need to move beyond the
dependency on relief into a condition of economic self sufficiency.  Development is far more
time-consuming, complex, and expensive than relief.  Development will provide access to
wide ranging opportunities such as education, job creation and training, daycare, heath care, athletics and the arts.

Social reform moves beyond relief and development and seeks to transform the conditions
and social structures that fuel child sex trafficking.  It is resisting and changing the legal,
political, and social systems.  Social reform can address the deeper sources of hopelessness in
communities as it is applied on both an individual and communal level.

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